Why I Left Full Preterism – Revised

I am compelled, after prayer, and a peace (that’s subjective, I know, I could just be making all of this up and the Spirit is not directing me to do anything – it’s just conjured up imagination) to give my book away for absolutely nothing.  Free.  I want to see if this link thingy works, too.  Donations are accepted, of course.

“For several years now, Sam Frost was the academic voice of so-called full preterism.  He wrote numerous books, articles, and blog posts in support of it, gave lectures defending it, and responded in print to those who were critical of it.  By God’s grace, his eyes have been opened to the truly unbiblical nature of this novel doctrine, and has rightly renounced it.  In this work, Frost provides a point by point account of his theological journey.  In the last several years, we have witnessed the several prominent full preterists renounce this heresy and embrace Christianity.  May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ use Frost’s work to open the eyes of many, many more.” – Dr. Keith A. Mathison, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformation Bible College, Sanford, Florida

“I’m glad there’s a debate taking place over the subject of Bible prophecy.  It’s been needed for a long time.  There is a tendency, however, among some people who change prophetic views to swing the pendulum too far.  They are so disenchanted with what they once believed that they believe it is necessary to reject everything that system taught.  Preterism is gaining a foothold among scholars and laypeople, but some are getting worried that some adherents are taking it to unbiblical extremes.  Sam Frost went there and back.  His book, Why I Left Full Preterism is a great starting point in understanding the inherent dangers of a full preterism position.”  Gary DeMar, President, The American Vision

With Special Forward by Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Th. D.

Author: Samuel M. Frost, Th.M.

With a B.Th. (Liberty Christian College), Samuel completed a M.A. in Christian Studies; M.A. in Religion, and Th.M. from Whitefield Theological Seminary, Lakeland, Florida (with combined credits in Hebrew from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida – and in Greek from Church of God School of Theology, Cleveland, Tennessee; Now, Pentecostal Theological Seminary). Author of Full Preterist works, “Misplaced Hope”, “Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection of the Dead” and “House Divided” with Mike Sullivan, Dave Green and Ed Hassertt. Also edited “A Student’s Hebrew Primer” for Whitefield Theological Seminary. Samuel M. Frost co-founded Reign of Christ Ministries, and has lectured extensively for over 8 years at Full Preterist conferences, including the Evangelical Theological Society conference, of which he was a member (also a past member of Society of Biblical Literature). Samuel has been ordained, and functioned as Teaching Pastor at Christ Covenant Church in St. Petersburg, Florida (2002-2005). He helped host the popular debates between highly regarded Full Preterist author Don Preston and Thomas Ice (with Mark Hitchcock), and Don Preston and James B. Jordan. Samuel is widely regarded by many of his peers as being one of the foremost experts on prophecy, apocalypticism, and Preterist theology. He was highly influential in the Full Preterist movement, having been published by Don Preston (Exegetical Essays), footnoted in several Full Preterist works, as well as by scholars against Full Preterism (When Shall These Things Be?; Preterism: Orthodox, or Unorthodox; The Second Coming under Attack) and authored one Forward, “Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes”, by Alan Bondar. He has come to denounce his Full Preterist views in 2010 and affirms the historic Christian Faith and orthodoxy. He penned a book detailing his departure by American Vision Publishing entitled, “Why I Left Full Preterism.” Frost is also the author of "God: As Bill Wilson Understood Him" - a history of Alcoholics Anonymous (2015).

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