Kudos to Marjorie Taylor Greene

By Samuel M. Frost, Th.M.

State Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is increasingly coming under fire for her opinions on matters concerning politics.  That’s a “no, no” these days unless, of course, you express solely the ideas espoused by the Regime.  I like Greene, who hails from Georgia (14th District).  She is a strong Conservative Christian.  She doesn’t mince words, either (something Republicans could learn).  Well, if your sole source of “news” is CNN and YAHOO News!, then Greene is akin to a White Supremacist (aren’t all white people?), a conspiracy kook, and  someone who advocates the murder of Democrats.  Of course, none of this is true.

The controversy with Greene is that she has some videos out there from her past that advocates what we now call, Q Anon, a rather bizarre internet experiment by computer nerds that took on a life of its own, and became something of which its original progenitors had no clue of foreseeing.  Regardless, people want to believe in UFO’s, or Kennedy Assassination theories, or that one really crazy conspiracy theory Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer endorsed: Trump was a Russian spy sent to infiltrate the American Electoral process and bring the Kremlin to the White House Oval office, are free to do so.  Last I checked.

Now, recently, Cori Bush, Representative from Missouri, has moved her office from Greene’s because Bush, an ordained pastor (of all things), said some rather bizarre things about something Greene said.  I see a good old fashioned cat fight (I know, I know….that’s pejorative and misogynistic).  Bush, a Member of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Missouri (more about them in a second) said that Greene “berated her” in the hallways (sounds like school).  However, reporters for Yahoo News!, Rebecca Shabad and Alex Moe, wrote “It’s unclear when the incident occurred or what was said by Greene, also a freshman, and her staff.”  Wow.  Here’s a case where these reporters are not automatically assuming that Bush is right.  In fact, Greene has issued a statement saying that Bush is “lying” and that Bush, in fact, berated her.

Greene has trumpeted the idea that there were massive irregularities in the 2020 Election (an idea I still would like to see investigated, as would 70 million plus Americans and a good number of GOP members).  I remain skeptical as to a Biden “win”.  That is, I am “not convinced” that this was an Election that held to the standards of Elections in the past.  But, that’s another story.  The point here is that you are not allowed to say this in this country; and the Dems would like to make it against the law to have this opinion.  No joke.  Currently, there is an effort, with Bush included, to remove from office all of the Republicans that objected to the Electoral certifications, or that wish to call for an investigation on such matters.  Why?  Because, as “crazy” Alexandria Cortez has recently stated about Ted Cruz, such people are out to kill, literally, the Democrats.  You heard me.

Now, Greene “liked” some posts, supposedly, on Facebook that intimated killing Nancy Pelosi by hanging.  But, again, rhetoric in political-speak is one thing, actual intention and willingness through covert planning and preparation is another; so says the law (12 Angry Men cover this, a great movie).  Political speak, “we are going to kill them at the polls!” is one thing.  “Take our country back!”  “Hit them where it hurts!”  “Give me liberty, or give me death!” (well, Pat Henry meant that). I have a book in my library that shows amazingly crass cartoons of the past eras published in the New York Times, or Boston Herald that would not, could not be fit for print these days.  But, no one took it serious in terms of legally serious (well, maybe John Boothe did).  It’s political speak.  Kill or be killed.

In another post, apparently Greene espoused the idea that the Parkland School shooting was a “false flag”, has questioned Clinton’s involvement in possible murder conspiracy, etc., etc.  Verifying some of these claims you hear (or read) is not the easiest thing to do since many of the so called “posts” have been removed.  Not to mention the fact that most were posted in 2018, 2019, before she ran for Congress (2020).  And won.  My point is, who cares what her opinion is on these matters?

Reporter for GAIA, Tasha Shayne wrote, “Here we are, only a few years after Aguilera’s media debacle, and even the big hitters on the American political scene are fessing up to their feelings and experiences with UFOs. A number of political candidates running for the 2020 election, and politicians in general, have been commenting on the possibility of UFOs and alien visitations. Among them are Amy Klobuchar, William Weld, Michael Bennet, Eric Swalwell, and Pete Buttigieg (to name a few)” (Jan. 22nd, 2021).  Do you realize the implications this has?  Of course, Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and Mormonism’s early history is filled with conspiracy, murder, mayhem and at one time a threat of war between the US and Utah.  Oh well.  Mitt’s entitled to his opinion, no matter how kooky I think Joseph Smith meeting with an angel named, Moroni, is.  See, this isn’t about opinions anymore: it’s about removal from office all of those Republicans that don’t fall in line with the Democrat Regime and power grab.  Never forget that.  They cannot have even the remote possibility that Joey “Corn Pop” Biden may have “won” by a massive train wreck concerning “mail in” ballots.  Not even a hint.  That has to be clamped down shut!  Second, the Democrat Regime cannot have any toleration or appreciation of former President Donald Trump.  At all.  Not even a hint.  And if you are a Dem, or lean left, and can’t see this: then you are as blind as a bat.  Fact check it.  You are blind.  As a bat.  It’s a fact.

I personally don’t mind that Mitt Romney believes that he will one day have sex with a Virgin and populate his own planet as a God (this is Mormon Doctrine).  It’s a stupid idea.  But, he can believe it all that he wants to.  My question is, does this mean he can’t do his job?  Adam “crazy eyes” Schiff is convinced that Trump is a secret double agent for the Soviet…er, for Russia.  He told us he has “absolute proof” to that effect.  Of course, we have not seen that yet.  But the claim is made nonetheless.  And yet there he is, still in office.  I remember watching live when Hillary famously said on the Today! Show that the allegations against Billy was a “vast, right wing conspiracy theory”.  Turns out, it wasn’t.  Billy did indeed “have sexual relations with that woman” (he lied to us, on air, remember?).  And, yet, Slick Willy is admired by the Dems.  Fawned over.  One of the greatest Presidents of all time, ever.  Right?  Billy left a trail of women and out of the way hotels from Arkansas to the White House.  And that can be proven.  It’s become part of his charisma and charm.  O’ Bill, you womanizer, you!

And, we still have the extremely “on record” verifications of Tara Reid, who stated that Joey “you ain’t black” Biden did some horrible things to her in the halls of the sacred Capitol Building.  Shame!  But, there he is: President of these old United States of ‘Merica.  So, does Greene really want Dems to hang like Jeffrey Dahmer eyeballed his next prey at a gay bar in Milwaukee?  No.  Does she have some maybe rather bizarre ideas about certain subjects?  I suppose so.  Who cares?  Since when has a person’s opinion on a cultural controversy been reason for “removal” from office?  I thought you had to, like, break the law or something.  You know, like James Comey or Hillary Clinton did.  In my prediction: Greene isn’t going anywhere.  And I say, also: hang in there, Marj!  Fight like hell.

Oh, the fact that Cori Bush is a Member of Black Lives Matter, a soft “terrorist” group (in my opinion), matters not. The one good thing in all of this: Greene actually video of the hallway encounter with Bush:

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