Ukraine, Russia and my Faith

By Samuel M. Frost, Th.D.

Many folks, entirely unaware of the Russian Orthodox Church and its very long history, have blasted the Patriarch of Moscow, Vladimir Kirill.  Most in the Protestant West dismiss any form of Orthodox churches with all of their liturgy, fancy vestments, smoke filled incense thuribles, and “icons”.  The West, so they claim, is “spiritual, not religious.”  Yeah.  Whatever.

However, God is not limited to Pentecostals or “mainline” Liberal denominations who seek to go with whatever trend happens to be blowing in the wind.  The “traditional” churches have been around for a long time, and have survived numerous wars that, for me, are unimaginable since I have never been in one.  A bad day for me is that I lost a bid on Ebay, or my internet is not responding.  Besides, I can simply virtue signal, “Pray for Ukraine”, and feel good about my spirituality.

Okay, enough of that.  Kirill, who is in very close ties to Adolph…I mean, President Putin, supports the Russian leader.  And, for this, he is now demagogued as the Antichrist.  Imagine that.  Christians calling Christians names.  Anyhow, since no “real” Christian can be Orthodox, Catholic or Mennonite (as many Reformed think, who have almost no clue as to what “ecumenism” means – anyone not a Calvinist is hell bound), then certainly no Orthodox theologian can be one, right?  Well, this stems from the fact that Kirill wrote a letter to one Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, who is the “acting general” of the World Council of Churches (read, “the beast” in Dispensationalist circles).  Most Protestants would dismiss this guy, too, since he is an Orthodox priest in the Romanian Orthodox Church, an “autocephalous” of Eastern Orthodoxy (don’t ask, I don’t have time to explain in this paper.  It’s complicated).
Anyhow, his Holiness Sauca wrote to Kirill to “condemn” the actions of Putin on March 2nd.  Sauca wrote, “I write to Your Holiness to intervene and mediate with the authorities to stop this war, the bloodshed and the suffering, and to make efforts to bring peace through dialogue and negotiations.”  What could be wrong with that?

Kirill responded, March 10th.[1]  First off, The Russian Orthodox Church is a member of the World Council of Churches – have been since 1961.  As such, Kirill wrote, “it has been one of the WCC’s priorities to engage its member churches in the process of acknowledging their shared responsibility for justice, peace and the integrity of creation within the world community. That is to say, our WCC membership, dialogues, discussions based on the principle of equality, and cooperation with the entire Christendom were not only an expression of our commitment to the cause of reconciliation between people, but also gave us confidence in the solidarity and support of the world Christian fellowship.”  Now, who could disagree with that?

However, Kirill has to bring up that awful thing: history.  You know, the thing wherein “each man shall be judged for the deeds he DID” (“did” – past tense, as in your personal history).  We don’t like going there, do we.  I mean…I have done some pretty bad stuff – one might even dare call me a “hypocrite.”  Anyway, Kirill notes that the issues going on in Ukraine did not begin yesterday.  The Media would like for you to think they did.  The Media (“media” is from Latin for “go between” – the “go between” what actually is happening, and has happened, and what is reported to you as “what really is happening”) wants us to think Putin woke up one day and decided to crack some Ukrainian skulls, and came up with the rather bizarre, insane “motive” of “denazification” and some supposed region in East Ukraine hated by Ukrainians because the majority of them are Russian speaking Ukrainians.  Oh, and some crackpot idea that NATO has broken several promises and has lined up missiles aimed straight at Moscow – ones that can be delivered in a few minutes.  All made up, right?  Putin is an insane, unhinged lunatic, correct?  I mean, Joe Biden’s the man!

Kirill noted that “The origins of the confrontation lie in the relationships between the West and Russia. By the 1990s Russia had been promised that its security and dignity would be respected. However, as time went by, the forces overtly considering Russia to be their enemy came close to its borders. Year after year, month after month, the NATO member states have been building up their military presence, disregarding Russia’s concerns that these weapons may one day be used against it.”  What?  Man, you crazy!  This, of course, is all documented fact.  Every bit of it.[2]

But, the West isn’t buying this (India, Arab Emirates, China, Syria and a few other nations are – ‘cause they know).  Now, remember the true insanity of the Dems, who actually believed Trump was “illegitimately” elected President because Evil Putin “hacked” the elections, and “influenced” the sheep to vote on command for Trump?  Remember that?  For three years we heard nothing but how Trump was a “spy”, planted here by the Russians.  And now, even the Conservatives have bought into the Putin is Satan lie.  Russian racism is now apropos!  The USA has lost its mind (and the intellectuals, from Left and Right, though a minority at this point, agree.  That crowd is growing, though).

Look.  War is an awful thing.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki was god-awful.  Close to two-hundred thousand Japanese lives – civilians – shattered forever.  I can go down the list of American atrocities around the world.  Coups.  Covert ops.  Media disinformation hacks.  Plants.  Staging “revolutions”.  Torture.  Lies.  Lies. Lies.  A Nation built on sin.  A Nation that is not the New Heavens and the New Earth. And, neither is Russia, and neither is Ukraine.  All of these nations will perish.  None shall stand.  I take “no sides” here.  I remain “neutral.”  I “see” the angles from both sides.  I see what we are doing to Russia is deplorable, too.  I am not alone, either.  Many very well respected Economists are foretelling doom.  You don’t “cut off” an entire super-nation like Russia in a week and a half and expect no massive consequences in the financial sectors.  Folks, we have not even begun to see them, yet.

So, what I am I for?  The Kingdom of God.  The nations “rage”.  They “plot in vain”.  They think that by their moves, they are making “good decisions” for the “good of the people.”  Biden is not concerned just for himself.  Putin is not out to destroy the world (more Media hype and lies).  The Ukrainians – the normal, everyday ones – not the White Aryan ones – are going through hell right now.  My heart and prayers are with them, and God is with them – and many of them I will be with for eternity in the New Heavens and New Earth.  My Russian brothers and sisters in Christ, these, too, will I live forever with as we explore the endless cosmos together because of what Christ has done for us.  The “wicked” (and God knows who they are), the Nationalists, the Liars, Thieves, Warmongerers, Profiteers, Puppet Masters, and those who lie in wait for blood, for those who cause is not Christ, but Power, Greed and Flesh – they will be dealt with.  Ecclesia Christi est quam ad me attinet!  It is with the Church of Christ who I am concerned.  The “nation” given to Christ – from Ukrainians, Russians, Africans, Cherokee, Miami, Arapaho, Asian, and all the rest of the “peoples, tongues, and nations” who are “in Christ.”  Will I cheer for Putin’s death?  No.  Jesus said, “bless your enemies”.  Will I cheer for the deaths of Russian soldiers?  Will I smile when Russian families are spit on and beaten?  Is this my “Christian” response to cheer on a Nation that sheds the blood of infants while still in their mother’s wombs?  No.  Sorry.  I can’t.  Hope you understand.  With all of this, my “patriotism” has died.

[1] Letter

[2] Declassified Documents

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