My Home Town Gets “Woke”

By Samuel M. Frost, Th.M.

Recently, there was a local controversy concerning the public postings of one of the Council Members in our community of New Castle, Henry County, Indiana. It appears that Council Member Kenon Gray posted some statement that conjured the image of “racism” in the minds of some and that was enough (interpretational opinion does not matter, if it appears racist, then it is racist, right?). What doesn’t these days? Gray, of course, is a Republican and a Christian. And he is white. Three intolerable sins of the “Right”.

Most of my material is taken from our local paper, The Courier Times. Staff Writer, Darrel Radford covered the stories. Well, certain citizens of our fine town took great issue with Gray’s posts and wanted him removed from the Council. He doesn’t represent New Castle well enough I guess. Well, maybe not all New Castle folks. At a meeting a couple of weeks ago, he had to sit through hours of listening to the “outraged”. A vote was taken. Gray gets to stay.

But, this was not the end of the matter. The Henry County Commissioners, The New Castle City Council, and the Henry County Council were petitioned to vote for an “inclusiveness” document that would appear on the official County/City website for all to see. The Henry County Commissioners voted 2-0 for a “revision” of the ordinance (which I will quote below). The NCCC voted 6-1 in favor, and 4-3 in favor for the HCCouncil group. The “inclusiveness” statement was crafted by HCCouncil member Betsy Mills and NCCC member, Aaron Dicken. This comes on the reasoning of Dicken who stated, “I cannot relate to what some in our community have experienced because I come from a life of privilege” (from here). There is a veiled hint here about so called, “White Privilege” – a furor raised from the article by Peggy McIntosh, a feminist scholar, who in 1989 wrote, ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’ where she starts by saying, “I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group.” Individuals acts are racist, yes, but it’s because of the “system”. That is, the White European System. This doesn’t end. Mathematics is oppressive and racist, so says Educator, Rochelle Gutierrez. Don’t believe me? Google it.

Recently, the Boss Hog of Liberty podcast show had Dicken and Mills on their program . It is an interesting discussion with Zach Lee, an avowed Roman Catholic, and the hosts, Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis. Lee supported the inclusive resolution, but not without reserve. “Everyone should be treated with respect. My concern is that while the authors of this resolution clearly have good intentions and I trust them, others who may come along later on and use it … to silence the reasonable voices of people like me who are pro-Christianity, pro-traditional family, pro-life and pro-America. I realize that I am taking a risk in publicizing my conservative Christian views and I realize that putting myself on the line like this could cost me friendships, opportunities and – hopefully never but maybe one day – even my job.”

Now, why would such a potential “fear” exist? How in the world did it come to the point that Conservative, Bible-believing Christians would have any concern or anxiety about backlash? Well, that’s easy to answer if you have been paying attention to the culture. And, it is at this point that “conspiracy theory” is used. Dicken stated, “This should be an actionable first step toward progress and needs, to be followed by many more actionable steps to show we mean what we say.” What these “many more actionable steps” are remains open. However, there is no shortage of articles and papers on the side of the Left that have their ideas, and no, I am not implying that Mills or Dicken support radical Leftist ideology.

Now, what is the Resolution in question? It is this: “Foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness that respects the dignity and worth of every person without regard to race, skin color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship status, sex,
gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, familial status, age, disability, education, socioeconomic class, religion, ideology or political affiliation; and Encourage understanding and mutual respect among the diverse members of their communities.” What does this “look like”? Let me cut to the chase here and spare you, the readers, the political gobbledy gook. What if I do not believe the arguments put forward that “gender identity” is “real” are persuasive? What if I think “gender expression” is sinful and against God? And, notice how these inclusions are simply assumed as “just as legit” as someone’s skin color or “marital status”. Since when did “gender expression” become equal to “national origin”?

If I were to look in my rather large, personal library for what “gender expression” and “gender identity” means, I find, In Our Time: Memoir of A Revolution by Susan Brownmiller, who states, “Militance evaporates for a variety of reasons” (p. 326, The Dial Press, 1999 – and I happen to agree with her radical anti-porn views). True. It does. And we are living in a resurgence of militance concerning “inclusiveness” and “intersectionality” (to use Kimberle Williams Crenshaw’s meaning). It’s not quite like the late sixties or seventies, but its getting there. “Tipping point”, anyone? Then I see, Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health (Makadon, Mayer, Potter, Goldhammer, American College of Physicians, 2008). Surely I can find a definition there. Gender Identity is “the internal sense of being male or female, regardless of biology” (p. 332). This is, of course, against the “two-sex, two-gender model” of male and female physiology based on genitalia (p.332). You know, “God made them male and female” kind of stuff. A literal reading of the Genesis account (which is attacked on a constant basis in the media, schools, universities, and even so called, “churches”) settles that issue. So, how am I to “accept” a “man” (whatever that is) who carries with them the idea that, “today I feel like a woman”? Is it discrimination to have “gender” signs on bathrooms based on anatomy? Yes. So it has been determined. Maybe the New Castle Trojans can be rid of “women’s volleyball” once and for all. Or, at least stop calling it, “women’s”. Just call it, “gender identity accepting volleyball”.

These are not “extremes” that I am making at this point. These are realities that are occurring in the good, ole US of A. It’s not enough to “treat people” with mutual, or cordial mannerisms. I don’t have to tell a homosexual at the counter of a gas station what “the Bible says” when I am getting my gas. I pay my money, ask about the weather, say, “thank you” and “have a nice day”. Neither do I have to go to the extreme of “I am not shopping there” because I know of the owners’ sexual “orientation”. I could. It’s America. “The term transgender is used in so many ways that it is not possible to define precisely” (ibid., p. 333). Well, now. That’s a problem. Definitions. From where, or who do we get our definitions?

In The Less Noble Sex: Scientific, Religious, and Philosophical Conception of Woman’s Nature (Indiana University Press, 1993), feminist scholar Nancy Tuana heads straight into the matter: “Creation myths have always been central to human understanding. They delineate our role in a universe of mysteries. They embody a culture’s beliefs about the nature of humankind and the purpose of existence” (p. 3). Whether focusing on women’s “role” or seeking the definition of the “nature” of things (like, sexuality), one’s worldview understanding of the purpose of existence (if there is one) is sure to “inform”. These cultural issues always run smack dab into religious discussions, and Conservative Christians have been having them for nearly three decades now. Same-sex unions, gay clergy, women pastors, etc. Laws get passed after much lobbying, and through media dumbing-down bombardments and sloganeering, minds are changed. Well, some minds are changed. It matters not to me, nor am I shocked, that culture (what the Scriptures call, “the world”) is more or less evil with a smile and hand extended. As culture “progresses” (Hegelian progression, or Marxist progression, take your pick) it tends to become more “bullying” to those who are not. And, for me, that’s where things become problematic. The City Council can vote however they want, but when members of the same community, let’s say, those who take the Bible as the word of God, written, are not “accepting” in their congregations certain ideas, let alone certain sinful behaviors, as “normal”, that they are seen as “racists,” “homophobes”, and “genderphobes.” That is, the language of inclusion for the State, City, or County is that all are to be treated equally, and this has already been in place (last I checked). But what is to be done on that level does not mean it is to be done on all levels of societal groupings. See, if “accepting” means that you are “fostering an atmosphere” that is “inclusive” of what’s listed above, what does it say of a congregation that does not foster such behavior or identities? It says this: they are not fostering, but discriminatory, and divisive. And that just can’t be good. Eventually, such congregations will have to be roped in if things continue to blur the lines of secular and religious. It’s already being done in few instances. The idea has already been floated that even preaching about homosexuality should be considered, “hate speech.”

The Left – many of them, but not yet quite enough – does not stop. They have effectively infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church, and many once traditional mainline denominations have bowed the knee to the inclusiveness rhetoric. I have several books to this end, Defrocked: How A Father’s Love Shook the United Methodist Church; A Christian Lesbian Journey; Is It Time? Helping Laity and Clergy Discuss Homosexuality One Question at A Time; and several, several others. The Presbyterian Church of America is currently debating the issues. The Presbyterian Church of the USA has already folded. Why is that? How did that happen? Who started it?

Betsy Mills stated, ““When the Constitution was ratified in 1888, there was only a very specific type of person guaranteed equal rights – and they didn’t look like us,” Mills said. “We still didn’t have equal standing under the law. The Supreme Court is still broadening what equal rights looks like. They did it a month ago.” As Times reporter Radford added, “Mills was referring to the June 15 Supreme Court ruling protecting LGBTQ workers from job discrimination.” Yes. The Supreme Court. Want to hear the impact of that ruling? Read the New York Times to start. In the 6-3 decision, the Civil Rights Code Title VII was cited and defined to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” – which I just read from the American College of Physicians was “difficult to define” concerning the latter term! Thanks, Supreme Court, for defining it for me without my consent. Hey, but wear that mask! You cannot enter a public place of commerce without it. Discrimination? You bet (see my blog article, ‘Liberty of Conscience’, where I use the same Civil Rights argument).

Now, I am quite aware, having read the Decision, Bostock v. Clayton County, that, “As a result of its deliberations in adopting the law, Congress included an express statutory exception for religious organizations…This Court has also recognized that the First Amendment can bar the application of employment discrimination laws “to claims concerning the employment relationship between a religious institution and its ministers.” ” Whew. Not at the Tipping Point…yet. But, the Point does come from the ground up, not the top down. Cutlure (the people) decides culture, and culture eventually may become law. The Left, intellectuals that they are, are smart people (they have taken the Universities and most major media outlets). They don’t stop. As Jordan Peterson remarked, they have no boundaries. It’s all or nothing. And so they chip slowly away over time, little by little, softening the culture, softening the mind, inch by inch until some say, “what the heck happened?” But, it’s too late by then. “This is not a cultural war. You must be one of those conspiracy nuts”. Well, no, I am not a conspiracy nut. We landed on the moon, the earth is round (well, an imperfect oblate spheroid), and Oswald shot Kennedy. And, yes we are in a war. See, I believe in the Scriptures, every jot and tittle, and it says, there is a war with the saints – maybe not orchestrated knowingly by some elitist group of billionaires funded by George Soros, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci – three individuals that couldn’t pull that off even if they wanted to, and maybe they want to, who cares? No, this war is “spiritual” as my Apostle, Paul, said. It’s been going on since Genesis chapter 3. The enemy comes at you with a smile, a hand extended, and a Jack’s doughnut and says, “can’t we all work together and find some compromise?” No. We can’t. And, right now, I still am grateful that I am allowed to say that freely without fear of retaliation. For now.


Author: Samuel M. Frost, Th.D.

Samuel M. Frost has gained the recognition of his family, peers, colleagues, church members, and local community as a teacher and leader.  Samuel was raised in the Foursquare Gospel tradition and continued in the rising Charismatic Movement of the early 1980’s.  While serving in local congregations he was admitted to Liberty Christian College in Pensacola, Florida where he lived on campus for four years earning his Bachelor’s of Theology degree.  It was there under the tutelage of Dr. Dow Robinson (Summer Institutes of Linguistics), and Dr. Frank Longino (Dallas Theological Seminary) that he was motivated to pursue a career in Theology.  Dr. Robinson wrote two books on Linguistics, Workbook on Phonological Analysis (SIL, 1970) and Manuel for Bilingual Dictionaries: Textbook (SIL, 1969).  It was under these teachers’ guidance that Frost entered into his Master’s studies, being granted a scholarship for Greek I and II at Pentecostal Theological Seminary, accredited, in Cleveland, Tennessee (adjunct of Lee University).  Frost completed his study under Dr. French Arrington (The Ministry of Reconciliation, Baker Books, 1980), who used the text of J. Gresham Machen, New Testament Greek for Beginners. Frost studied Hebrew for two years under Dr. Mark Futato (author, Beginning Biblical Hebrew, Eisenbrauns, 2003) and Dr. Bruce K. Waltke (author, An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Eisenbrauns, 1990) at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida. With combined credits from PTS and RTS, Samuel completed his Master of Arts in Christian Studies and Master of Arts in Religion from Whitefield Theological Seminary in Lakeland, Florida under the direct tutelage of Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot, co-author of the well reviewed work, Hyper-Calvinism and Arminianism (Whitefield Media, 2005) with Dr. Gary Crampton (and Foreword by the late, Dr. D. James Kennedy).  Dr. Talbot also oversaw Samuel’s Dissertation, From the First Adam to the Second and Last Adam (2012) earning him the Magister Theologiae (Th.M.) degree.  He also helped put together A Student’s Hebrew Primer for WTS, designed and graded exams for their Hebrew Languages course. Samuel’s studies lead him into an issue in the field of Eschatology where his scholarship and unique approach in Hermeneutics garnered him recognition.  Because of the controversial nature of some of his conclusions, scholars were sharp in their disagreement with him.  Frost’s initial work, Misplaced Hope: The Origins of First and Second Century Eschatology (2002, Second Edition, 2006 Bi-Millennial Publishing), sold over four thousand units.  While arguing for the Reformation understanding of sola Scriptura as defined by the Westminster Confession of Faith, Frost’s book launched a heavily footnoted argument for a total reassessment of the doctrine known as the Second Coming of Christ.  The conclusion was that the events of the war of the Jewish nation against their Roman overlords in 66-70 C.E. formed the New Testament authors’ eschatological outlook, and went no further than their own first century generation; a view otherwise known as “full” or "hyper" Preterism.  Internationally recognized Evangelical author and speaker, Steve Wohlberg remarked, ‘On the “preterist” side today…we have such influential leaders as Gary DeMar, Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., David Chilton, R.C. Sproul, Max King, James Stuart Russell, Samuel M. Frost, and John Noe.  To these scholars…the beast is not on the horizon, he’s dead” (Italics, his)” (End Time Delusions, Destiny Image Publishers, 2004, page 133).  It should be noted that only Noe, King and Frost supported the “full” Preterist position. Thomas Ice and co-author of the best selling Left Behind series, Tim LaHaye, quote Frost’s work, Misplaced Hope, as well in their book, The End Times Controversy: The Second Coming under Attack (Harvest House Publishers, 2003, page 40).  Dr. Jay E. Adams, who single handedly launched “a revolution” in Christian Counseling with his work, Competent to Counsel: An Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling, (1970, Zondervan), also wrote an analysis of Frost’s work in Preterism: Orthodox or Unorthodox? (Ministry Monographs for Modern Times, INS Publishing, 2004).  Adams wrote of Misplaced Hope as a "useful, scholarly work" (p.6 - though he disagreed with the overall thesis).  Dr. Charles E. Hill, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, wrote of Misplaced Hope that Frost, “attacks the problem of the early church in a much more thoroughgoing way than I have seen” (When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper Preterism, Ed. Keith Mathison, Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, 2003, ‘Eschatology in the Wake of Jerusalem’s Fall’ p. 110-ff.).  There were several other works as well that took the scholarship of Frost seriously, like Ergun Caner in The Return of Christ: A Premillennial Perspective, Eds., Steve W. Lemke and David L. Allen (B&H Publishing, 2011). Because of the controversial nature of Frost’s conclusions on these matters, it was difficult to find a denomination within the Church-at-Large to work in terms of pastoral ministry.  That situation changed when Samuel was called by a Bible study group in Saint Petersburg, Florida to found a congregation.  Christ Covenant Church was established in 2002 operating under the principles outlined by Presbyterian historian James Bannerman’s work, The Church of Christ: A Treatise on the Nature, Powers, Ordinances, Discipline, and Government of the Christian Church (Banner of Truth Trust, 1974, original, 1869).  By-Laws and a Constitution were drawn up in the strictest manner for what was considered an “Independent” establishment of a Presbyterian Church, granted that a “call” was received and recognized by Presiding Elders duly ordained from existing and recognized denominations.  Two Elders, one ordained in the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Mike Delores), and another ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America (Dr. Kelly N. Birks, now deceased) tested and reviewed the call, ordaining Samuel on October 20th, 2002, the Twenty Second Sunday after Trinity.  Proper forms were submitted to Tallahassee, Florida with the stamp of a Notary Public Witness.  Christ Covenant Church (CCC) functioned as a local church for five years with a congregation as large as 30 members.  Frost was gaining recognition after Misplaced Hope had been published in January of that year, and conferences were hosted that included debates with another prominent "full" Preterist educator, Don K. Preston.  CCC hosted best-selling authors, Thomas Ice, and Mark Hitchcock from Dallas Theological Seminary; and Dr. James B. Jordan (Westminster Theological Seminary), well-known author/pastor in Reformed theological circles.  Frost was invited for the next several years to speak at over 25 conferences nation-wide, was featured in articles and an appearance on local news in Tampa for one of CCC’s conferences.  The Evangelical Theological Society also invited Samuel to speak at the Philadelphia conference (Frost is currently a Member of ETS as well as Society of Biblical Literature). During this time Samuel had submitted one more book, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection of the Dead (TruthVoice, 2008; repr. JaDon Publishing, 2010); and co-wrote, House Divided: A Reformed Response to When Shall These Things Be? (Vision International, 2010).  Frost also wrote several Forewords for up and coming authors who were influenced by his teaching materials, as well as cited many times in books, lectures and academic papers.  However, because of certain aspects of Hermeneutics and Frost’s undaunted commitment to scholarship (with always a strong emphasis on the personal nature of devotional living to Christ), several challenges to the "hyper" Preterist view he espoused finally gave way, largely due to the unwavering commitment to Samuel by the Dean of Whitefield Theological Seminary, Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot, who continually challenged him.  In what shocked the "hyper" Preterist world, Samuel announced after the Summer of 2010 that he was in serious error, and departed the movement as a whole, along with Jason Bradfield, now Assistant Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, Florida .  Christ Covenant Church had dissolved after 2007 while Samuel continued as a public speaker and writer, largely due to reasons that would unravel Frost’s commitment to "hyper" Preterism as a whole. The documentation of Frost’s departure was published by American Vision’s Founder, Gary DeMar, with a Foreword by Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry.  Why I Left Full Preterism (AV Publishing, 2012) quickly ran through its first run.  The book was later republished under the arm of Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry and is sold today (GoodBirth Ministries Publishing, 2019; though still available in Kindle form from American Vision).  Dr. Gentry also gave mention to Frost in his book, Have We Missed the Second Coming: A Critique of Hyper Preterism (Victorious Hope Publishing, 2016), noting him as "one of the most prominent" teachers within Full Preterism (135).  Dr. Keith Mathison, Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida, endorsed the book as well.  Samuel has gone on to write, Daniel: Unplugged (McGahan Publishing House, 2021); The Parousia of the Son of Man (Lulu Publishing, 2019); God: As Bill Wilson Understood Him, A Theological Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous (Lulu Publishing, 2017).  He is also active as a certified Chaplain with the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana, and enrolled with ICAADA (Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse), and worked directly under Dr. Dennis Greene, Founder of Christian Counseling and Addictions Services, Inc., for a year.  Frost’s passion is in the education of the local church on various issues and occasionally works with Pastor Alan McCraine with the First Presbyterian Church in Lewisville, Indiana, and Bethel Presbyterian Church, Knightstown, Indiana, where he periodically is called upon to give the sermon. Samuel, with his wife, Kimberly, helped to establish Heaven’s Bread Basket food pantry that donates food items to local families in need once a month – a ministry of the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Lewisville, Indiana. Samuel also works part time at Ace Hardware in New Castle, Indiana for several years.  He has a solid, family reputation in the community, and has performed local marriages and funerals.  He also sits on the Board of the Historical Preservation Committee in New Castle. Recently, he has completed his two year quest for a Th.D from Christian Life School of Theology Global, Georgia.

One thought on “My Home Town Gets “Woke””

  1. I heard on the radio today that the derivatives of the word “camp” are now racist…going camping, etc.
    Reason? Because it costs a lot of money to acquire camping equipment!
    Does that reasoning say our friends of color never make enough money to enjoy the sport? Not in my experience!
    Where will it all end?


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